Thomas Golaszewski
Videographer/Video Editor

A Lifetime Chronicle is a historical journey of your life in one DVD movie. It is a collage of photos, movies, and interviews, perhaps paired with your favorite music, that can preserve your life story and memories for generations to come. The interview section enables you to journal about your life and have it organized onto a DVD. Your personal history is individual to you, there is no other like it. You and your family will treasure it for years to come.

Think about how much technology has changed in the last fifty or so years. We have film, cassette tape, printed photos on all types of paper and film, VHS tape, CD, you name it. Not only will we not have the modes to watch or listen to them anymore, but they deteriorate over time to the point where the information will be lost forever. How can we have all of this medium in our homes and preserve it ourselves? And how will we or our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren be able to enjoy it if it is still in this format? It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the modes to play these things. Let us get all of your memories together onto one DVD so it can be watched and enjoyed. Up to two and a half hours can be enjoyed on one DVD. Take a look at some of our examples of Lifetime Chronicles and photo restorations on our website. Our clients are happy and are often repeat customers, realizing after they begin their projects that they have other projects they would also like to do!

Other services available with Digital Montage Films are audio reconstruction of cassettes and LP recordings to CD.